Monday, March 15, 2010

Hightower Bros. Singers - Finally Made It In \ Oh Lord Save Me

Yes, this is how I want to kickoff a new blog. Barbershop rhythms and screamin' females (that is female, right?) from 1960. From what I can tell this is the only 45 from the Hightower Brothers singers, though the Hightower Brothers themselves were decently prolific.

Finally Made It In

Oh Lord Save Me

I have noticed that there's an out of print "best of Hightower Brothers" CD with these two songs right at the front. Anybody know if it's the same version


  1. Pretty sure it's the same version.
    They have a bunch of 45's one 78 and one lp
    And the singer is a boy

  2. Hey! I really hope you get to post more often, I love everything you have so far, but the mp3's for the Hightower Bros. are down, and I would love to hear them or anything else you have by them!